How to drop filtering for a patron.
In order to drop filtering for a patron session, you need to create a reservation within Envisionware. Follow these directions on the Staff Envisionware Reservation Station.

When you click on Make Reservation a screen will pop up:


→Find a PC in the following Area is where you have your branch focused by default but other Areas may be selected from the drop down box.
→Prior to scanning in the library card or visitor's pass number make the following selections:
To make a custom length Session length, check the Override Session Length box and select the length of the session.
→If a patron would like to use a specific computer you may check Reserve a Specific PC and find the computer in the drop down list that you need.
→Internet Filtering is on by default so if a Patron would like to have a session unfiltered you must uncheck the box that says Enable Internet Filtering when you make the reservation. If the Patron is in a session at the moment, their work will need to be saved so they can have a new reservation made that is unfiltered.