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ESRL digitization lab

ESRL digitization lab was funded through SLRC (State Library Resource Center) as part of MDCH (Maryland Digital Cultural Heritage) Program started in the year of 2002. Western Maryland and Southern Maryland Regional Libraries also have digitization labs.

Imaging equipment includes: Epson GT30000 flatbed scanner, Umax Powerlook 3000 scanner, Nikon D-100 6.1-megapixel digital camera and an Epson stylus pro 7500 24" wide format archival ink printer.

Audio equipment includes: Lucid AD9624 two channel analog/digital converter, MAudio DIO digital audio card and a Tascam 122MKIII professional cassette deck.

Video digitization capabilities will be added in the near future.

Pilot projects include the digitzation of over 130 B&W George LeVarn photo collections from Dorchester County Public Library and a small postcards collection from Somerset County Library. We encourage Eastern Shore library community to use ESRL facility to preserve the local cultural heritage and make them more accessible to the public. For questions or inquiries, please contact Rick Simpson..