Background for Project Adelante

The development of library services to Latinos has a long history.* Project Adelante continues this history with two innovative and significant dimensions: first, Partnering, for both grant implementation and outcomes; and second, Assessing Needs by using a multi-method data-gathering technique.

Stages of the Project

--Assessing Needs
Adelante has used a unique and culturally appropriate technique to determine Latino needs: a combination of ethno-surveying and focus group discussions across the eight counties that serve the targeted population.
--Meeting Needs
Working together at three meetings in late April and May, the Project Adelante Advisory Group is designing a marketing plan for library outreach to the grant's targeted population.  The plan will include ways of linking library outreach with existing social service programs, and explore opportunities to increase collaboration between the eight public libraries and area service providers. Dr. Memo Diriker, Associate Professor of Marketing at Salisbury University and Executive Director of BEACON (Business, Economic And Community Outreach Network) will facilitate the marketing plan process.
--Evaluating Outcomes
Post-grant results will be available by Fall, 2005.

The Organizational Chart

Interim Report

Outcomes to Date

* Latinos and Librarianship, Library Trends, Vol. 49, No. 1, Summer 2000, pp. 138-181.
(available through Proquest)

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