"The only thing that I discovered very early on is that, even though we might change schools and cities and towns and states, the books in the library were the same. They had the same covers. They had the same characters. I could go and visit those people in the library as if I knew them." J. Michael Straczynski


How to drop filtering for a patron.
In order to drop filtering for a patron session, you need to create a reservation within Envisionware. Follow these directions on the Staff Envisionware Reservation Station.

When you click on Make Reservation a screen will pop up:


→Find a PC in the following Area is where you have your branch focused by default but other Areas may be selected from the drop down box.
→Prior to scanning in the library card or visitor's pass number make the following selections:
To make a custom length Session length, check the Override Session Length box and select the length of the session.
→If a patron would like to use a specific computer you may check Reserve a Specific PC and find the computer in the drop down list that you need.
→Internet Filtering is on by default so if a Patron would like to have a session unfiltered you must uncheck the box that says Enable Internet Filtering when you make the reservation. If the Patron is in a session at the moment, their work will need to be saved so they can have a new reservation made that is unfiltered.