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Glossary of Library Acronyms and Terms (A to Z)

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National Commission on Libraries and Information Science-- A federal advisory group composed of representatives from various library groups and distinguished librarians.


Northeast Document Conservation Center-- Provides consultation on preservation, restoration and conservation of library materials; also offers training and workshops.


National Research and Education Network


National Union Catalog-- A national bibliography published by the Library of Congress.


(Formerly)Online Computer Library Center-- A bibliographic utility based in Ohio which provides online cataloging, interlibrary loan, serials control and other services to libraries worldwide. WCLC uses the ILL and cataloging systems.


Online Public Access Catalog-- A computer workstation for use by the public which is connected to a library's circulation system; can be searched by author, title, etc., and shows an item's status (on-shelf, overdue, etc.)


Public Access Catalog-- May be used interchangeably with the term OPAC. May also mean a catalog of library holdings which is not online


OCLC's telecommunications and operating software.


Public Library Association-- A division of the American Library Association.


Point to Point Protocol-- Enables a computer to connect to the Internet with a modem and a telephone line; allows a user to use a browser such as Netscape.

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