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Glossary of Library Acronyms and Terms (A to Z)

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Library Administration and Management Association-- A division of the American Library Association.


Local Area Network-- A network of computers, with or without CD-ROM databases, within an institution.


Library of Congress-- The Library of the U.S. Congress, which also serves as our National Library


Library of Congress Card Number-- The number assigned to an item by the Library of Congress, which is also a depository library. Used to order catalog cards from LC and to search the OCLC database.


Library and Information Technology Association-- A division of the American Library Association.


Library Services and Technology Act-- Federal funding for libraries in several areas - technology, interlibrary cooperation, literacy, etc., and for state library agencies.


Library Technical Assistant-- A two-year academic degree in library subjects.


MAchine Readable Cataloging-- MARC records contain data in standardized format and allow conversion to automated cataloging and circulation systems.


The online database of the National Library of Medicine. Available online.


Maryland Library Association-- An association for Maryland librarians from all types of libraries. Sponsors workshops and an annual conference; provides support for librarians in various areas such as minimum salary guidelines and censorship challenges. MLA's Legislative Agenda each year lobbies for support for library legislation and funding.


Master's Degree in Library Science-- ALA accredits MLS programs in the U.S.

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