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Glossary of Library Acronyms and Terms (A to Z)

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Group Access Capability-- Allows access to OCLC for interlibrary loan with libraries in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and parts of West Virginia.


Government Printing Office-- Prints and sells books, reports and materials produced by government agencies. (LINK)


Graphical User Interface-- Allows computer users to "point and click" with a mouse to navigate on a PC.


Hypertext Mark-up Language-- Programming code applied to text and graphics to create a hyperlinked WWW document.
http Hypertext transfer protocol
The portion of a WWW address that signifies that a document was created in HTML.


Interlibrary Loan-- Borrowing and lending of library materials (books, audio-visual materials, etc.) and photocopying of journal articles by one library from another, on behalf of a patron.


Integrated Library System


A collection of data networks, bibliographic databases, electronic bulletin boards, library catalogs, and many other resources, accessed by computers over high-speed lines.


International Standard Book Number-- A unique number assigned to every book published in this country, and many in other countries. The ISBN system is recognized internationally. An ISBN has nine or ten digits; the first digit denotes country of publication, the next several the publisher, the remainder identify the item.


International Standard Serial Number-- A unique eight-digit number, in two groups of four, assigned to a periodical by the International Serials Data System.

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