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Glossary of Library Acronyms and Terms (A to Z)

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An automated system for libraries.


Continuing Education-- Advanced training in a profession (not leading to a degree) to learn new skills or keep abreast of developments in the field.

CEU (Continuing Education Unit)

One CEU is equal to one hour of instruction or contact time. CEUs are required for public school educators, including Library Media Specialists.


Cataloging in Publication-- Cataloging information located on the verso of the title page of a book (or other type of material). Provides call number, main entry, subject headings, etc.


Continuing Library Education Networking Exchange Round Table-- A roundtable of the American Library Association.

DDC Dewey Decimal Classification

Classification system used by almost all public libraries.


A vendor of online databases.


Division of Library Development-- The programming arm of the Maryland State Library.


An automated system for libraries. Now owned by epixtech, Inc.


Elementary and Secondary Education Act-- The Federal act which provides funds for educational purposes, including school library materials.


Frequently Asked Questions-- Many computer sites and discussion lists have FAQs to provide answers to common questions.


Friends of the Library


File Transfer Protocol (Internet)-- A protocol that defines how one computer transfers files to another computer.

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